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    Vanessa & Wade |Lifestyle Engagement session

    I’ve known Vanessa since high school, and Wade actually. I’ve been friends with Vanessa since boarding school and Wade was, a friend of a friend and attended school the same year as one of my brothers. Crazy how their worlds collided, without me introducing them. The world is indeed a small place. They have a cute story of how they met and how they ended up together. (You will have to wait for there wedding blog to hear that). Vanessa and I decided to finish up the wedding timeline and also then do their engagement session at there home. It was very cozy and we all were just chilling, me…

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    Paul & Melissa Wedding|Camps Bay

    Paul and Melissa were married at the stunning 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa, the wedding took place outside overlooking the ocean. Paul got dressed at his parent’s place which was filled with so many fun moments before we all headed off to the venue. The day started off really sunny and closed up quite a bit. It was like a blanket hiding the sky and mountains. Which I think looked amazing with the white and sheer theme of their decor. It all matched up so well. I had loads of time to photographed the guests while we awaited the bride of the moment. Melissa was a breathtaking bride, i loved…

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    Tatum & Kirk| Maternity

    This time of year is filled with great tones and mood. This session wasn’t any different. Here I will be sharing some simply beautiful photographs of my brother and Tatum (sister in law) and her precious baby bump. Kady their daughter was born last week so guess it is time to share this stunning portrait session. Makeup was done by Marietjie from Makeup artistry by Margaritha Keep scrolling to see these beauties xxxLaikin

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    Felicity| 70th Birthday

    Birthday has a special place in my heart, as it’s my favourite day in life to celebrate. I have previously worked with the Adams Family, so getting to work with this family again was amazing. It was a beautiful summers evening to celebrate their moms birthday. They are a close-knit family so it was just the immediate family and a few Felicity’s friends. All of whom had such wonderful things to say about having this special lady in their lives. It was such a stunning tea party even the thank you gifts were tea. Here are some of my favourites from the event. xxxLaikin Laikin

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    Mikhail| Matric Ball|Majik forest

    This was the first Matric Ball of the year. So this was exciting for me to start this year with such a fun gentleman. Mikhail was quite (a bit shy I’d say) but very keen to do any of my posing suggestions. He had such a stunning colour suit, well fitted that they had custom made for his ball. I loved the double-breasted waistcoat, which popped off his suit colour. We photographed some close family members at home, then his parents, sister, her boyfriend and cousin. I spent most of the time photographing Mikhail on his own, as he opted for a solo mission to his special day (which I…

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    Ricardo and Eloise |Wedding

    I am all for old love and high school sweetheart love. This couple had been dating for years so hearing them speak about the love they share and how longs its been made me melt. It makes me so happy when these couple finally get to the alter and are married. Here are some of my favourites from their wedding day. xxxLaikin Photographed for Jessica E’silva

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    Michelle’s 50th Birthday|Stellenbosch

    I met Michelle on the night of her party. She was so happy and excited that her party was about to begin. All her family and friends were dressed up lavishly to celebrate with her. I was so excited to photograph everyone all dressed up, it is certainly a hit for the photographer if all your guest joins the fun. The decor was exquisite, I loved the play on colours and all the stunning ornaments and pretty coloured glass. The party was set up in her garden and can you believe she did it all by herself? She looked so stunning and the guest had as much fun as she…

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    Daniel and Gennae|Wedding

    The wedding of Daniel and Gennae was held as a beautiful hidden location Chelaya Country Lodge. The venue was secluded and had many pretty small areas at the venue. I photographed Daniel and his family before the ceremony started. They had a sweet small ceremony held outside under a white stretch tent. The ceremony was very romantic and very personal as the minister was a close friend. This wedding was one big reunion and party. Take a look at some of my favourites from the day. xxxLaikin Photographed for Jessica E’silva

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    Nils and Corinne|Chapman’s Peak

    I have for the longest time had Chapman’s peak on my list of place photograph at for a couple session or any shoot actually. When Nils emailed me to do a shoot at a beautiful place close to the ocean to get some photographs done that they could use for there wedding later this year in Switzerland , The photographs were to be used for the Wedding Invitation. I had put this location at the top of the suggestions list. It was an actual dream to photograph this loving couple on their trip to South Africa. We basically hung out for a few hours driving around the mountain, from Sea…

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    Robbie and Yolandi

    I photographed this wedding in Paarl and.a gorgeous intimate outdoor wedding venue called Picardie Guest Farm. I photographed Robbie and his man of honor and we just had a great time capturing there friendship. He was absolutely blown away by the sight of his bride down the aisle. You could see how utterly improve these two were. They had a quick ceremony and so much time to mingle with guests. It.was a very laid back feel. I think they just wanted to spend all the.time with guests because most of them traveled from far. These are some of my favourites from the day. xxxLaikin Photographed for Jessica E’Silva xxxLaikin Photographed…