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Kaylyn & Kevin Engagement session


I met Kaylyn and Kevin early last year, for coffee and to chat about their wedding day. We had an instant connection and ended up staying for more drinks and chatting for almost 3 hours. I knew that I would have crazy fun time photographing them. I love these two already!  I felt like we were old friends.


Kaylyn and Kevin are crazy about one another and the laugher is unquestionably the defintion of what they truly are and share this crazy happiness that radiates and embodies their souls.


I cannot even wait to photograph their wedding in May.


See what we have been up to.




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  • Kaylyn Arendse

    Awwww thanks Laikin for those beautiful words of Kevin and I. We felt exactly the same, like old friends meeting up for drinks. I defs need to print a few of these 🙂

    Thanks again.


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