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Something different about a wedding

I photographed part of this wedding for a friend of mine, at Vredenheim in Stellenbosch. I had so much fun with these two, they were giddy and completely smitten.
How often do you see couples with an obvious height difference?
And they are comfortable?
I must admit it was a challenge to pose them naturally, but they were so comfortable and weren’t phased but any of it at all.

They are so beautiful together. I captured their essence, abundantly grateful for this stunning couple.

Definitely taught me that love comes in all forms.


Weddings have become one of my favourite events to photograph.
Once I arrive at the wedding venue/bride (super early) I get comfortable, I put my gear down, check in with the bride, make sure she’s okay and settle in. I then start photographing her wedding details and her bridal portraits. I spend a good amount of time with her, as this is her special day and you want her to remember every moment forever.

Laikin’s Wedding photography tip:

To be able to photograph any wedding you need to have confidence in yourself.

If you seem nervous and scared, it will show and you will bring out this in the couple as well.

Focus on their connection and just capture that. However, give posing suggestions to add to what they are already doing, like moving a hand that looks weird, or ask them to close their eyes look away, look at one another, hold one another closer.

Enjoy the couple, make jokes, interact with them, this will get them comfortable in front of you because most of the time clients have never been in front of the camera.

Take a look at their photographs





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