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Why I chose to photograph, my brothers wedding. (All 3 of them)

I have photographed all three of my brother’s weddings because I love my job and there is no greater honour to be photographing weddings of people you love and care for.

My photography career started 7 years ago, and I absolutely love what I do, and would not want it any other way than to capture one of the most special days for them. I am 100% in this career because I want to photograph weddings (yes, yours/any and every wedding) because it’s not just my job I love photography and it has becomes so part of me, it is a glowing passion inside of me. Photographing weddings is consciously my favourite event and I don’t mind, not being a guest. Yes, I want to photograph your wedding. I chose wedding photography because I love weddings, and means even more that they respect you and my love to photography and my career (job) to make use of my services. So please do not feel bad if you want me to photograph your wedding day. The answer is yes. I would probably feel offended if you wanted me to be a guest and hire someone else.

If you have a photographer friend/family member, simply just ask what they would want. I am 100% sure they will want to photograph you rather.

I photographed Tatum and Kirks wedding just before Christmas. It was a hot summer’s day, late afternoon; they got married at this stunning Venue in Wellington called Neo Venue. I photographed my brother getting dressed and all my nieces and nephews who were all part of the bridal party, they got dressed at Monte Video Guest house, around the corner from the venue. I had another photographer Nadine Smallberg cover Tatum. They looked so stunning; I cannot deal with how beautiful this wedding was.
Take a look at this stunning couple and see what I mean.




Brides shoes: Badgley Mischka

Brides gown: Mori lee

Grooms Suit, shirt, socks, tie: Polo

Flowers and decor: T-squared

Photographer: Nadine Smallberg Photography

Videographer: FJS

Band: Friendz

Marimba band : Ikamva

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