Saskia Adriaanse | Stellenbosch | Jans Marais Nature Reserve


We had a girls night and went for breakfast the next morning, and went to take some photographs of her at Jans Marias Park, in Stellenbosch. I’ve been seeing some videos online on photography hacks, see what I got up to with a sheer, blue and green net  (netting as in mesh curtain, yes) and a plain old white lace net as well.

For those who follow me on my personal photography page on Instagram (@laikinadams) will know that Saskia and I have been friends for years.

We are a small group of friends who barely meet as a group anymore. Well, I use to date Saskia’s cousin, that is how we met. Countless private jokes, girls nights, dinner dates, mini road trips and endless bad photo sessions, she has become one of my best friends. Long distance friendships are fun, and exciting but going the distance is important to both of us.


She is always there for me, who can relate to my life problems, who I call to vent and gossip with, who sends me random snapchat photos and voice notes. Someone I can depend on, visits to just get food with , and get-togethers to just have great fun I love you. Here’s to great friends and showing them love and appreciation

I hope you love your pictures.

All my love




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