Arlene’s 21st


I think Arlene’s Birthday was earlier mid last year, but her mom contacted me a year an a half before the event to make sure I can cover her birthday party.

I’ve photographed Arlene and her family on more than one occasion in the past few years. They stay out in Worcester but always end up booking me to cover their family functions and family portraits.

My main aim is to always try and do a portrait shoot before the actual event because I love to be able to capture you alone, every aspect of what you wore because after all, it is all about the birthday girl.

Arlene had an island theme party, with the cutest sweets table and decor and everyone who attended dressed as if they are actually on an island. The party was so much fun, I love working with this family, and Arlene’s willing and able to do all the crazy posing recommendations that I come up with.

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