Ilke | Stellenbosch | Jans Marais Nature Reserve

I’ve photographed Ilke with some creative objects, a lace curtain as well as a DVD, and the foggy white bits a is vaseline around the edges of a plastic sleeve, we had a breakfast date and ended up going to the nature reserve in a Stellenbosch (Jans Marais Park) to photograph her.

Ilke is the sweetest,  most mature human, I’ve ever come across. Shes literally grown up in front of me (I know her for like 10 years). Shes my ex-boyfriends youngest sister, despite the break-up, we’ve remained really good friends.

After countless years together doing crazy things like ridiculous shopping sprees, buying the same clothes, to window shopping dates, late night food missions, sleepovers, floor beds, laughs,  private jokes and endless, talks and loads of tears, You remind an amazing friend, one in a gazillion.


My sister. The person who literally knows my thoughts, dreams and has half of my heart. Probably the greatest friend and soul. We have one crazy bond of private jokes, secret stares, and exaggerated laughs. I love you Ilkie Beelkie I hope you love your pictures.

All my love, hugs and kisses ,Laikin




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