Nichole Hine| Stellenbosch: Jonkershoek| Die Eiland

I remember meeting Nichole, I was at a friends house and she came from a beauty pageant(which she actually won)

I was thinking to myself,

She’s so pretty.

She speaks so well.

Wondering how old is she even?

Already from that day, I was so intrigued by her. We became instant friends, as if I’ve known her my whole life, fast forward 7 years, and we have the greatest friendship.

We see one another often over festive times and I stay over with my dogs. We all need a friend who invites your dogs to stay over too. But we both always so busy, so once in a while to catch up, walk the dogs and sit by the river.

I photographed Nichole at this braai/picnic spot called “Die Eland” in Stellenbosch, Jonkershoek. The entrance fee was R25 per person and R10 for our vehicle. It is so worth it for a forest scene, river and braai facilities, that is basically heaven in summer.

The objects used to create these photographs was a cellphone and a rainbow candy cane.


Someone who I spend hours talking to face to face because we are unable to hold a WhatsApp conversation.So we spend nothing less than 20mins on a call. Someone who calls me, to check up on me and make sure I’m okay,  That’s If I haven’t messaged her in a while. My personal model since I’ve started photography. Someone who knows where my photography started and has seen and helped me with my growth. We’ve experienced and got through family interrogations from crazy aunties, together

Who knows everything about me, and who’s been there through tears, and laughter, who understands and cherishes life experiences with me.

I hope you know you mean a lot to me. I love you.

All my love




  • Nichole Hine

    As you already know since the first time you shot me – I am in absolute awe of your work and even more of you as a person. Thank you for showing me #selflove and helping me gain even more confidence.
    Your friendship is priceless. I love you.

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