Chris and Dorothy: Anniversary

I know a few small number of people who are utterly and completely in love, 28 years later. That happiness that radiates, those giddy, fun flirty ways a newly married couple carries, that is a definition of them. These two are part of that rare group of happily married couples.

I’ve known these lovebirds almost my entire life, their daughter is one of my best friends. They stayed next to us, growing up, but now stay in Pretoria.

I had an absolute blast photographing Chris and Dorothy, they are so easy to photograph. It was an honour to capture the magical love they share.This is what couple goals look like. Oh, and I couldn’t resist not adding the dogs. They are my dogs (Peppa) parents.

Honestly mascots for marriage.

Take a look at this gorgeous couple.

Cheers! To another 28years of marriage and more!





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