Melissa Simons

I met Melissa on Facebook, I commented in a photography group, on a post and she inboxed me because she was looking for an internship as she was a 3rd-year photography student. Which then turned into some sort of mentorship.

Melissa is quiet when you first meet her but once you get to know her, she opens up and is very talkative, the cutest person ever, but so brave and honest, she’s not afraid to speak her mind.

She’s my assistant, main test subject in the studio, or there help me the focus when I’m doing self-portrait project, but recently we’ve become more than just colleagues. She’s become a really good friend, probably that top 10 kind, well those are all you have at this age.

The very few I speak to almost every day, go out with, and rely on often. We nerd out about photographic gear, prints, and books to read next.

Within these images, I used a book clear beads that were on a string and a diamond-shaped glass.

To Melissa

The one who always reminds me that I’m old, her oldest friend. The one friend, I plan to see every week, but we never get around to it. One who enjoys going out to explore mother nature with me, and shares my love for photography.You help me grow and teach me new things, I think we keep one another on our toes, and we need that in this industry.

My photography person, I love you.

I hope you love your photographs, you so beautiful friend.



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