Keturah| Table View

I used a cat ball light up toy, a yellow lighter and a perfume bottle to create the effects in these images.


I went to high school with Keturah, so we’ve been friends for a long time.

She so pretty, and such a beautiful smile. She’s the smartest person I know. The one who avoids and creates drama all in the same breath. She always questions everything, including the menu.  She doesn’t get sick of me scratching at her place or hand bag. But she always gives me new dresses when I visit.

The only person’s late-ness I’ve learnt to tolerate. (ie. She even took 4 hours to get done for this shoot)

The only friend’s contact number I remember since high school.

She gives the best advice, but also never listen to her own advice.

We all have a “love,  hate” relationship with someone,

Some years I mostly “hated” you lol, because you made me wait and I never really understood how you function. Even though I can never get hold of you, I know you will reply one day in a long while, so I leave you a ton of messages in the meantime.  However, you have somewhat become better at this.


Thank you for being there whenever I need you (Remember that time I called you from the ship), If not physically then emotionally.

You are the best and worst kind of best friend anyone could have,

And somehow after 12 years of a friendship, I still love you so so much.

Thank you for reaching out and going the distance for our friendship again you have no idea how much it means to me.

You’ve come a long way, I’m super proud to be your friend.

After all, you remain one of the few friends who has been there through it all.

Even though you forced your friendship on me, it’s been the best thing you could’ve added to my life.

I love you Kat-urah

You are looking so sexy these day, I hope you love your photographs




  • Kay

    You’re one of the only people in my life who has been a constant. Every through our quiet times, I know you have and will always be there because of who you are. You’re my light in the dark times and my strobe lights in the good times. Never been so lucky in my life! You’re magic ? thank you for teaching me how to friendship. Everything about this is so me xx

  • Gaireyah

    Love, love, love this! Keturah looks as gorgeous as ever and you’ve managed to document her infectious smile so beautifully. Really good read too. Thank you for sharing this! ❤

    • Laikin

      I know, That smile right, had to capture it.
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Really appreciate it.

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