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Gadgets to help make photography workflow easier

If you shoot often, whether its work or personal projects/adventures, it’s always easier to find a workflow and an efficient one. As downloading choosing and editing, can be a timely process.  Having these help me get through the workflow quicker. So as a photographer, its best to learn what gadgets are out there to help you grow.



Fast Memory cards

Ever wondered why memory cards are so expensive? Well it’s because the speed helps when you shooting so it saves and processes photographs that you’ve taken, quickly. This also helps download speed when copying photographs off cards. So get a class 10card, and the less time, the more photographs can process and save quicker while shooting.


Card reader

Laptops these days always almost have a card reader slot, else buy one. This helps the download of the image process so much quicker. Downloading with the camera’s cable directly off camera, is such a schlep, especially if you have a small desk, and you’ve been shooting all day, so your camera is flat. To get past this is so much easier and more efficient to use a card reader.



SSD- Solid State drive

This is magic. It’s a smaller version of a hard drive with no moving parts, which I use as a temporary back up, and once you copy cards directly from card to this drive, is even faster than straight to your pc/laptop. This saves you time, having to sit and wait till files download and copy correctly, can get annoying, and takes up so much time if you’ve shot all day and used multiple cards. The solid state drive downloads really fast, much faster than directly to PC, so I copy to there, then i copy from SSD to the pc, once I load into Lightroom

Hope these help with your workflow, they really make it seem less of a burden for me.





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