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5 reason why you should wear make up for any photoshoot

When I started photography as a student, I had no clue that make-up was the greatest go to for photography for any photoshoot. We always just photographed one another and did one another’s make-up. Wrong! We obviously had no clue how to do it correctly. Make-up like photography is an art and here are some reasons why.

5. It’s good for your skin

Weather It hot or cold, your skin is affected by the weather. If it’s warm and humid one usually becomes shiny if you perspire, its generally not a bad thing but it does create unpleasant patches and hot spots on your face which will take years (no really, forever) to edit Photoshop. Its small dots of bright light illuminated on your face where you’ve been perspiring, by the sun hitting your nose, chin, forehead (in most cases). So powder or foundation is necessary to cut this problem out completely. It makes your skin beautiful. Having make-up done mattifys your face making your skin look and feeling fresh in any circumstance.

4. Confidence Booster

Make-up is fun and usually makes you feel empowered. It obviously doesn’t depend on make-up, but it does lift your spirit and mood, a huge confidence boost. You feel confident and it shows. I’m sure you feel good in your own skin already but what’s wrong with feeling great.

3. Cover up

There is a benefit to wearing make-up. I wear make-up if I know, I’m exhausted and didn’t get enough sleep, so I put on foundation and concealer and all the rest. This hides all the tiredness showing on my face. If I know I have a really long day ahead of me, make-up helps me to stay looking fresh after a long, tiring day. So it’s not to make me pretty, that’s just a bonus, it just helps cover up, imperfections and everything you’ve learnt to hate about yourself.

2. Beauty enhancer

Again I’m sure you are beautiful and already comfortable in your own skin, but once you point out facial features that you love, make-up will help magnify your greatest features. We want to put your best foot forward by simple adding an eyes shadow to enhance your eye colour. Or adding a highlight your cheekbone. We all have features that we love and hate so make-up helps break down the self-conscious walls we have built up over the years. Make-up is helpful in emergency situations, for example, zits, blackheads, blotchy skin. There are times one need to cover these with a concealer and or foundation here and there.

*It’s not only for women

Do you ever see a man on TV not wearing make-up? Exactly? I’m not saying you need full on make-up but men and women perspire, so in order for your skin to look its best you need some powder too. Skin emergencies happen to everyone. Modern cosmetics are amazing. They remove redness, cuts or nicks from shaving, hides any sign of ageing, fatigue and most other well lived lives signs.

Last but not least

1. It’s fun

Make-up really is like getting dressed up. I assume you are already dressing up for the photo session, so why not go all the way. So even if you are not feeling great, getting your make-up done is fun. So whatever your style is, neutral/natural/bold/creative/minimalist/bright or fun. Do what makes you comfortable. If you aren’t one generally that wears make-up then less is more, just a foundation and lips and eyeliner/mascara. If you are really into make-up, you already know what to highlight and or what to wear. So be true to yourself, and have a great time with it. I am all for personality and creativity.

Bear in mind if you are in studio it’s always a great idea to add a little more highlight because when the light hits your face it will make you the light in the studio is more directed, and lit specifically to highlight jaws, cheeks, all to help illuminate great facial features.

Location make-up is generally more neutral, to just emphasize your beauty.

So bear that in mind.

There is no right answer for this, I’m sure everyone’s opinion differs but this is just my perspective on make-up to help enhance my photography skills.

All Make-up done by Kayleigh from Beautify cpt

I hope you learnt something new today

Thanks for reading


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