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5 tips for grooms on your wedding day

I’ve photographed many weddings all over Cape Town in the past few years so I know it can become stressful for couples. I have picked up a few hints and tips to make your day go smoothly

Here are 5 tips for the groom

This advice is for grooms on their wedding day and how to prepare the days building up to the event.

5. Get something to eat

If you getting married, chances are great that the only time you’ll be eating again is probably the reception. So make sure you’ve eaten and had enough liquids to stay hydrated. If you have the time, pack a snack pack for you and your wife so you won’t go hungry and thirsty. Energy bars and fruit are great for the energy that you will need to get through the day.

4. Practise your speech

You father in law probably had a beautiful speech that basically made the whole room shed a tear, now it’s your turn. This is your chance to let everyone know how amazing your wife is- so be sure to get some practice in beforehand. You might be able to wing it, but you don’t want to forget anything or anyone, so make some notes and take It along, just in case the nerves get the better of you.

3. Look your best

This is seeming so obvious right? But it’s probably not that straightforward.

Do get you things together the night before or make a list of last minute things like getting your shirt ironed, shave, shower, get your hair cut, and not forgetting the rings. It’s important to learn to make a tie like a pro. The right size triangle and the right length. The tie shouldn’t go over the belt so bear that in mind.

Don’t go out drinking until the early hours of the morning, you don’t want to be hung over at your own wedding. Your future wife will not be pleased with you. Do take a drink with your groomsmen to calm the nerves, but just one should be enough. It’s always the time where the boys give advice for you on your wedding day, so it’s a tradition anyway.

Are the suit buttons confusing you?

Well, there is apparently a rule.

If you have 2 buttons on suits jackets only tie the top one.

If you have 3 only buttons the middle one.

Also, don’t forget to unbutton suit before you sit down so that It won’t bulge and look untidy.

If you are wearing a bow tie, make sure it is tight enough, there should be no space between the shirt and tie, and make sure its straight, nothing worse than a skew tight on your wedding photographs.

The sleeve should only be out by like two centimetres. So make sure you only have a small amount if sleeve showing.

2.Depend on you man of honour

Things do go wrong, but today is your day to stay calm and get ready, so it’s important to choose a good friend who you can depend on, to run errands and save the day. They are there to assist so don’t be afraid to ask them to do some driving and collecting to help you out when things get too tough or too busy for you to handle. You need to focus and get dressed, so if things go wrong he can sort it out, so no one calls or bothers you or your wife with last minute issues.


1. Enjoy it

The day goes by so fast and things do go wrong, so try not to let that put a damper on your day or your wife’s. Don’t sweat the small stuff, about an aunt that didn’t pitch, or an uncle who’s forgotten the candles.  It’s about spending the rest of your life with the person you love and are about to marry so don’t let that stress about the day spoil anything for you (or your wife). So don’t forget to have fun enjoy this day you have been planning for so long, it has finally come. Treasure the wedding ceremony, enjoy the reception sit back and relax, you deserve it. This is probably the most important piece of advice for you on your wedding day.



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