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5 tips for the bride on your wedding day

I have photographed many weddings over the past few years but I can personally relate to more of these tips for any event, not just weddings. I know you will be stressing and nervous and excited, all on the same breathe, so here are some tips to prepare you for the exciting day ahead.

So I’ve put together some tips for the bride.

5. Break your wedding shoes in

You probably wearing new shoes for your wedding day, but you don’t want to get to the church only to find that your shoes are killing you. Literally, breaking your ankle or pressing your toes. So I suggest you break them in beforehand. Brides normally walk in them in the house every evening for like 10mins every day the week prior to the wedding. That way you will get comfortable with them, so they won’t bother you on the wedding day. This will also help you decide if you should get flats for the reception. There is nothing worse than aching feet that you can barely stand on, and trying to focus on the day.

Also try on everything together, the bra, the spanks, you don’t want to be annoyed with a strapless bra that won’t stay up or a strap that keeps digging in your back, or spanks that choking you, and aren’t comfortable. So its recommend you try them all out to make sure you comfortable from head to toe.

Be certain your wedding dress fits properly, when you take your dress home, take the bag off and let the dress air so it can settle. Check that all pins have been removed, you don’t want it poking you because you can’t seem to find it on the day when you finally able to wear it.

4. Make sure you have enough time

Speak to your make-up artist and hairdresser, so you can work out how much time you need to plan the timeline of the day. If you’ve gone for a trial, you will already know how much time to put aside for them.

If you can do anything the day before the wedding that will save you time to rush in the morning, so get your eyebrows tweezed, shave your legs/get waxed, exfoliate, get your nails done, do all those prior to the wedding day, so you can just jump in the shower quickly in the morning ready for make-up. You want to relax and enjoy the time with your bridesmaids, and not have the stress and worry if you will finish getting done in time.

Do take last minute things to the venue and make all final necessary arrangement so you and your man, are not bothered on the wedding day. Make lists if you need to for bridesmaids, family, coordinators, so they know what to do before the ceremony as well as what to take home, or what needs to be returned after the reception.

3. You need to eat

The wedding day is long indeed, so you can’t go the whole day without eating. Have something high in protein so that you won’t feel starved halfway through the day. The day is going to get really busy and time getting done won’t leave you with much time left to eat. And chances are slim that you will eat anything up until the reception. You want to enjoy the day to start off the day getting in a decent meal and had enough liquids to keep you hydrated. Energy bars and dried fruit, nut are all great to load you with the energy needed to have a great day.

2.Do not use your phone today

Unless you want to take a selfie that is. We all know that people are late and can’t find the venue, you do not want to be hearing everything that went wrong, while you are getting ready and are trying to stay calm. It is not your problem at this point, you need to get ready and be at your best so you can take in these last moments before you walk down the aisle, so you need to enjoy every last minute of your wedding day preparations. Do give your phone or tell everyone the can contact your maid of honour in case of emergency, they need to be dependable so make sure you choose someone you can trust and will sort it out to make you forget all the troubles.

1. Enjoy it

They say you can’t control everything, zips will split and bridesmaids may fight, but remember what’s important. So try not to let all the small stuff get the better of you and your very special day. Appreciate the ceremony and enjoy the reception. You have worked hard in the last few months to plan this amazing day. So if the centrepiece isn’t as you planned you are allowed to have a moment. Take your moment to be upset and have a timeout with your husband, and laugh it off because it’s all about the good stuff, and you are now finally married to the person of your dreams, so nothing else really matters at this point.




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