Lashay and Bradley Wedding


I photographed Lashay and Bradley one misty Saturday morning. It was fairly cold, and the clouds were dark, and I was hoping the weather would hold all day.

I First went to Bradley at his parent’s place, I photographed him inside while he and the groomsmen were getting dressed we then went outside to do a few a bit more formal, but the weather didn’t hold for long while we were outside. We just finished up and went to Lashay.

I got to her place and she was still doing make-up, she was so calm, very different for a bride that’s about to walk down the aisle. She finished up her make-up and I photographed her accessories and Bridesmaids in the meantime until she was ready to get dressed. The weather did however clear for the rest of the day.

These are some of my favourite photographs of the of the day

Photographed this for another photographer: Jessica E’Silva

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