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Dean & Monique | Wedding | Val de Vie

This wedding was elaborate,  something much like a fairy-tale we dream of.

I photographed Dean getting dressed at one of the apartments at the Polo Estate in Paarl. He was composed and got dressed alone, no parents, no groomsmen. The silence was actually calming, no hustle and bustle that the usual wedding party brings. We had loads of time to get done, so we joked around and took our time to get great photographs of him.

Shortly thereafter I went back to the venue where the ceremony was being set up outside. Monique was to arrive in a helicopter, and just as she arrived, the rain came down. They say its good luck, I’m sure it was as they were radiating through that gloomy weather.

After the beautiful ceremony, they even had a polo match for the guest to watch, definitely awesome since we were at the Polo estate.

Have a look at some of my favourites of the day.



I shot this for Shireen Louw




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