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So it was my mom’s birthday two week ago. For those who know me and or my family, know my mom’s been a home executive, a stay at home mom basically all my life. But she’s literally survived the craziest health issues. Definitely, a blessing to be doing so well after turning around from multiple near deaths.

Earlier in January, it’s been 11 years since she’s survived a mostly full recovery from a cerebral aneurysm. She had neurosurgery and lost her short-term memory. Prior to that, she had a stroke, 4 caesareans, adult jaundice. In basic terms is when weak parts of a blood vessel, bulges (ballooning of the vessel). And if this vessel isn’t clamped, it will burst, and you could suffer mild to severe brain damage and or go into a coma. Many people don’t survive because it isn’t caught (clamped) in time.

She had a headache, so my dad took her to Kuilsriver hospital, and they just gave her meds and sent her home. The next day, she still wasn’t well, and my dad took her to Tygerberg hospital, she was admitted and had to wait a while before she had a cat scan done. after seeing the scans, they took her straight to surgery. So don’t ever go to Kuilsriver hospital, my mom would’ve died if we didn’t take her back to the hospital. These doctor’s saved my mother’s life. I speak under correction but we think the names were Adriaan Vlok (who was specialising in neurosurgery at the time) and Prof.Bennie Hartzenberg.

After the surgery she had paralysis on the right side, after a few days she got most of her movement back, my aunt got her a stress ball, and I sat all night with her, pressing it in her hand, the only visible is a slight pull in her mouth. She was in the hospital for about 35days (as far as I can remember). She had to relearn to talk properly (she was extremely confused), to take public transport, cook, and make conversation, she struggles to remember simple tasks and names and telephone numbers, but she has shown tremendous willpower and courage to push forward and not feel discouraged, and not give up, to explain herself, without actually remembering who or what she actually means. We have over the years learnt to read, and understand her ( we always playing the guessing game, who can guess the person and place correctly) so, it’s like second nature.

I know many people who haven’t been photographed in years and whose parents were much younger on the only photographs they had after they had passed. So in honour of my mom and mothers day, as well her daily struggles I have taken some photographs of her as she lives to keep the family together. We love you and we appreciate everything you do for us.


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