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Waterford Estate

A friend of mine recommended this place, it’s a wine estate off the R44 in Stellenbosch.

I am no wine connoisseur but I do enjoy a glass of red wine, so I have been visiting new places to actually get out and see what Cape Town has to offer. I met up my friends from the UK who were on holiday here recently, they were staying in Stellebosch at the time so I decided that this would be the perfect time to show them an amazing place, that I’ve been wanting to visit. And this place did not disappoint.

I visit a lot of places, as a photographer for many different occasions, but this place from the entrance, was absolutely breath-taking, it had a way of transforming you to a different place, I very seldom feel that way about a place, or ever. I couldn’t believe this place existed and that I am only finally at this place now. I haven’t been to Italy but it somehow made me feel like we were about to go wine tasting in Italy and take a scooter to this majestic place. It was like the portray Italy on tv. Well, that’s just how it felt for me. We drove in and there were trees everywhere, surrounded by water and mountains everywhere. It was photography heaven. I was losing my mind, my friends were already waiting so we parked and walked in past some vineyards.

They have two sections when you first walk in the building.  On the left was tasting and right was the restaurant. We sat down and decided on a chocolate and wine pairing. It was 6 wines for R99, I felt it was a bit expensive (as wine tasting is generally half the price), but every wine on the taster was amazing, so it was so worth it. It wasn’t just the wine, the waiter was well informed, the setting was elegant and beautiful, the whole experience was just amazing.

We were lucky to get a walk in, but my brother wasn’t when he went, so do call to make a booking before you go.

My strap broke on this adventure, so don’t judge lol.

Scroll down to see my photographs of the place.


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