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JC Le Roux



I don’t know about you but I love champagne. So I’ve been dying to go check out this farm. I explored and had lunch there.

It was a busy afternoon, so we walked in and waited for a few minutes for a table. Before we had time to order, the waiter brought us a yummy breadbasket. We had no idea what to order so couldn’t pass up the opportunity to drink sparkling wine at the restaurant on a farm famous for its champagne, (that would be silly, right?). My favourite one is the La Chanson the red sparkling wine. I am bad at ordering because I usually end up ordering the same food where I go. We opted for a salmon salad and chicken strips. The chicken was so light and crispy, it was delicious, but salmon was a bit too raw for us (because sushi isn’t for me), but we still enjoyed the rest of it. The food I felt was a bit pricey for the portion, but we had a great time nevertheless. The staff was kind and friendly, they made the experience pleasant.

After lunch, we walked around a bit and took some photographs, the vineyards, and setting, views were all so beautiful. We had no time left to go tasting as we had somewhere else to be.

But I definitely want to go back to do their tastings.


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