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Where you grow up definitely has an impact on how you’ll walk out that door, let it be 6 am in the morning or 5 pm at night. Living in so-called ‘coloured’ area made me less worrisome of what people thought and still think of me. I’d walk out that door with no makeup on, messy hair and pajamas on, any time of day, and I’d feel normal even if they stare, I’d just laugh. Makes me smile and appreciate the direction my life has gone; the career I’ve chosen.

When I get dressed in the morning I tend to lean on pieces that are different, like bright coloured pants, or shoes that are odd or a scarf that is for your mother or a dress that would remind you of your grandma. The way I dress has become an aspect of me and my normal. I think I dress rather crazy, but it’s my style, and normal just isn’t me.

I often ask friends what to wear, or how I should wear it, and almost always is different from my personal choice. Like which shoes, jacket, scarf should I wear? etc. I’ve become confident in the way I dress. Its vintage, outrageous, or just plain weird lol, very different than what’s happening in the fashion world, but that’s okay because It’s 100% me and what others think of me, is not my problem. I’ve only really started to feel this way about my style about 5 years ago. So its okay to be different as long as you are comfortable and happy. Where I grew up definitely has kept me grounded and also grateful that it somehow rooted my style, and confidence. Being self-confident happens over time, it’s a battle with oneself, and the world’s image or what society deems ‘in fashion’.

Often people dress a certain way because the careers they have chosen are quite fixed to dress code, mine of which none of these occur. Besides the fact that I’d rather be cozy and, comfortable than be someone I’m not.

So be you and don’t be afraid to dress how you want, be how you want, or see the world as you want.

It’s your life.

You are the only one who has got to live in it.





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