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Seweweekspoort Pass |Swartberg |Travel the Klein Karoo

How often do you visit a place because someone told you to visit or a friend said it’s a place to see for sure.

Mostly all the time right?

Well, I am 100% the same (I have lists and lists of places people recommended, mini bucket lists) Seweweekspoort pass is one of those places you need to go and see for yourself. It’s the start of the Klein Swartberger the mountainous ravine. (basically, a vertical mountain pass with multiple slopes, winding roads and amazing creveses that form part of the narrow pathway).
It’s a gravel road that runs for 17km which forms part of the Cape Nature conservation but part of Swartberg and Towerkop nature reserve. It also is a certified world heritage site (UNESCO).

In 1859 the authorities decided to build the road, all the real work was built by Italian prisoners. In 1860 the brother in law of Thomas Bain (renowned pass-builder), Adam de Smidt took over the project which was then completed in 1862.

It’s 20km from Ladismith ( in the direction away from Cape town) and 30km from Calitzdorp or 80km from Oudtshoorn (back towards Cape Town). So basically 350km from Cape Town (3/4hours drive inland) to a low key Grand Canyon (well not really) but its majestic and beautiful over there.

It’s basically found in Zoar right opposite the Amalienstien turn-off.  It’s got a flowing river through the mountains and the rock formations are so stunning. There happens to be no signal halfway through the mountains and life off the grid sounds like heaven to me. Despite the no signal bit, you will find places to stay within the bareness to escape life itself, there are also hikes to take, walks to enjoy and utter beauty to witness


We went on a hot day and spend the day driving up the passe, made mulitple stops to take photographs then chose a spot by the river and relaxed with our feet in the river, it was absolutely amazing. a breathtaking experience. I almost forgot, as we sat, tiny fish came to eat the skin from our feed, who needs Thailand for that, its all found here in the wild , wild South.

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