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The Myers family | Fathers day portrait session | Stellenbosch

There are definitive moments in life where life experiences, events, and people have an impact on a great shift in your life.

I remember having to decide If I want standard grade computer(CAT) or stay and (fail) on higher grade unlike the rest of the bright students in my class. Unknowingly the best decision of my high school career. It’s was because of this lady. Janine was my computer teacher at my very nerdy school. And even though I wanted to stay in the higher grade class than be embarrassed by standard grade (and thrive) she helped me make that decision. She unknowingly started the roots of my letters, contracts, excel calculation and business practice.

Teachers unknowingly help you make the best decisions and bring out the best in you and its teachers like this who do a great Job and don’t even know the impact they have on your life. They do their job really well and inspire.

So, thank you, Janine Myers, for great subject choices.

You are that teacher I haven’t and won’t forget.


Janine contacted me on Instagram after following my life and photography for a while. She wanted to get a photo shoot done for father’s day of her husband and kids. She wasn’t keen on being photographed but I wasn’t going to let her get away with it.

Mervyn was so easy going, and her kids were so into having their photograph taken. Normally men shy away and are just so nervous that they don’t enjoy the overall experience getting photographed. He was so fun and really just enjoyed being photographed with the kids. They really were all cute the entire session.

We met up on a really dreary overcast Sunday in Stellenbosch. I opted for some buildings to get the Stellenbosch feel and then we made our way up and down streets and over cute bridge nearby.


I enjoyed this session so much.




  • Janine

    Thank you Laikin for helping us capture awesome memories. Meeting up again after 11 years was like meeting an old friend and just picking up where we left off. It’s students like you who make my job as a teacher easy and so worthwhile. My family felt so comfortable with you immediately, which made the shoot really enjoyable. You are really passionate about photography and your work, it shows in your photos. I’d definitely recommend you to anyone wishing to capture a special occasion or even an ordinary shoot. You are extremely versatile and very professional. Keep up the great work Laikin. I’m sure our paths will cross again. Until the next photoshoot! …

    • Laikin

      Aww man wow. That’s so nice. Thank you. I appreciate the feedback. It was only a pleasure. It did really feel like we were old friends catching up. Your family is so sweet I loved photographing you guys. 😘

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