Studio Headshot

Studio Headshots Ashleigh

I finally have a small studio space and am now photographing more studio photography. Ashleigh just wanted a professional look done for her online Linkedin profile

Studio photography often has you more focussed on lighting the subject to compliment the subject. Your first thought in the studio is how to light the subject in order to flatter the subject. When you photograph on a location you first focus the surroundings then, place the subject in the surroundings. So it’s great too, and different lighting in simple and extravagant locations and situations.

Headshot is a new term used by 21st-century photographers and professionals in several other industries. Headshots were formally known by television actors as a photograph of their faces in order for directors to select and cast them for work. Today it is widely recognized as professional profile photographs on various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn  and Instagram

A professional headshot photograph does not only make your profile stand out from the rest, it also increases your chances of landing your dream job. They say first impressions last so make a professional impression all the time on all platforms.


Contact me if you’d like to get yourself some professional portraits done.



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