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5 tips for getting your own family photographs taken

Getting family photographs taken that can be treasured forever can be a very daunting task. This post will have educated you so you know what to expect and how to get ready/ prepared for the session.

5. Choose your clothing wisely

Choose your outfit ahead of time something comfy and eye-catching. What do you picture your photographs to look like? Are they soft and natural? Then go with flowy fabrics and neutral colours, like beige, light browns, pastel colours such as soft pink, greens, and blues, light greys. If you are looking for exciting fun, and eccentric photographs of your family, then go with bold, bright colours, or accessories. a great way to showcase this is to add bright accessories, scarves, hats, jewelry, these all work great to show your own style or character.
Remember to choose similar colours (but not identical so that they are not too matchy matchy). Dress comfortably, this is important so dress accordingly, according to location. If you are going to be on the beach, shoes are often not even necessary, if you are going to a park/forest, heels are probably not the best option for the terrain. And if you are in the city streets you are more than welcome to wear heels.

4. Schedule time for the session around behavior

If you have children this is particularly important, don’t schedule the shoot when your baby is usually taking a nap, or feeding time. As photographers, we obviously want great light so really want to photograph in golden hour (an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset) but this however isn’t practical if it won’t work for the kids or some kids just are great during that time of the day. Think of it like this, if you are spending money on hiring a photographer and on buying new clothes, schedule your portrait session at a time that your children are the happiest. To be honest there is no use in spending all that money and time getting ready and only planning to get cranky photographs of your family.

3. Arrive 15minutes earlier

There’s nothing worse than unexpected traffic, or having to turn around because you forgot your kids favorite teddy or the stress on arriving on time, all of this will eventually show on your face in the photographs. Plan to be 15 minutes earlier than expected, to allowing time for travel, if things do go wrong you still have time to relax once you get there.
If you arrive early this can help you and the kids comfortable, walk around and unwind before the camera comes out.


2. Be yourself

When the camera is out, don’t be intimidated by it, Relax and be yourself, and let your kids be themselves too. Family photographs are to show your family to capture them honestly, silly faces and all. In a few years’ time, you will be happy your photographer captured their personality that blankly staring into the camera. This is all within reason, be my guest if your kids misbehave and bribery is necessary, but a little fun and personality doesn’t hurt to showcase.
When photographing kids, it all boils down to comfort, do bring there favorite toy, or blanket, or even rain boots in summer along. We know you might not want them visible in all the photographs, but once they get comfortable we can between photographs take them out, this might just help with a little bit of cooperation.

1. Smile until your jaw hurts and enjoy

As a photographer, my favorite shots of my clients are almost always the in-between moments. I always tell my client to smile, because my camera is up all the time, photographing the candid moments. So keep smiling because you never know if those ones will be your favorites too. For the little ones, leave it up to the photographer to capture their giggles and smiles. There is nothing worse than a happy kid captured but having the parents pulling a face or frowning, so just smile and leave it up to the photographer to help capture your kids smiles. Remember that not everyone has to smile an look in camera at the same time.
Getting family photographs done is something so special. I have come to love photographs of me and my family, these moments are not just a memory in your mind, but are now documented forever. Also remember that these moments are too captured now to remember them in the future, the funny faces, happy moments and silly ones too. To remember the feelings that all came with it too.

By keeping all these tips in mind you will be well prepared for a great session that will only result in beautiful memories for your home.

Thanks for reading, do share these tips with your family and friends.



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