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Simons Town


It’s one of the cutest and prettiest places to visit., also one of the oldest towns, home to the SA Navy and African Penguin Colony .

Did you know they have an audio tour for like R30 held in the morning by a local author Maureen Miller. The talk starts at the station and ends in the village center. You do have to download the Voicemap App  beforehand.

Boulders beach is home of the penguins, it’s a must do when you visit this town. Boulders beach falls part of SA  National Parks. You are able to swim with the penguins in their natural habitat. The entry fee to the park is R76 per adult and R41 per child. or you can opt for a walk along the pathway

I love this little somewhat private beach called Seaforth Beach filled with boulders, great parking area and a few traders as well as a restaurant. It does get busy in summer, so go early and park off under the trees and spend the day out with the family.

We had fish and chips (at salty the sea dog in Wharf street with their great food and bad service) and put your feet in the water then visited a fun coffee shop called Monocle and Mermaid and walked up some cool stairway called Drosty steps and then around at the harbor watching the sunset.

If you are more interested in the history of the town, be sure to visit Simon’s Town MuseumSA Naval Museum  and Warrior Toy Museum , as well as Heritage Museum in King George’s Way for the muslim Heritage.

Simons town was home to the famous navy dog called Just Nuisance. Who’s statue is on Jubilee square, there is also more information about him at the SA Naval Museum and his gave on Red hill which is also popular.

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