5 Reasons why photography is so expensive

Do you walk into a shop and consider how long a pair of shoes will last compared to the price and how many times you’d actually wear it, before making that purchase?

We understand that you want the best option for your event, but you have to consider all the points below before making a decision by first focussing on the price.

  • Photographers are not just trying to make a living.
  • They are not trying to rip you off.
  • They are certainly not trying to make you poor.

There are many factors they consider before they decide on their service rate.

Your photographs will last forever even when you not around people will look back on them and remember you. Not just in their memory.

  1. Equipment

The tools. Cameras cost a fortune, I’m not talking about the lens camera bundle you’d buy at Makro or takealot.com.   I’m talking about pro gear that doesn’t come in a bundle. Remember that saying ‘Each sold separately’ Well that is exactly what lenses and accessories are used to capture great photographs. For any advice on purchasing gear, you can contact ORMS ( Bellville or CAPE town), Cameraworld (Bellville). If you are indecisive you can always rent the gear and test it and familiarise yourself with it, you can go to from Sunshine company (Cape Town) or Photo Hire (Cape Town).

Editing photos are not cheap. To maintain great colour and even skin tones, photographers need high-end monitors that will give an accurate display to show what the actual prints would look like.  Photographer has a computer and hard drives to back up those photographs and cameras need to be replaced every few years. And on top of that, you have to buy software or pay a monthly subscription for Photoshop and Lightroom. And if you really want to be fancy you can purchase an  Apple iMac or a really expensive graphics card  for your computer for something like 20k.

  1. Experience and Knowledge

Like any other job, the quality of the job depends on the skill level of the worker. You have to learn how to use the tools and how to do the job, then only you can do the job.

In photography you have to learn how to use your camera, then how to adapt those settings to different lighting environments, as well as different climates, locations, and situations. These are just a handful of skills that you need to master in order for you to understand the basics of photography in order for you to start creating great work. There Is a famous saying:

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” ― Henri Cartier-Bresson

  1. Photo sessions are filled with a number of hidden hours

Once the photographs are taken, the photographs job isn’t done. We get home and download. So a one-hour session often takes photographers a minimum of 3 hours to complete just that session.

You may only see the photographer for that hour  but there was most likely

an hour planning the shoot + time traveling to location+Setting up equipment+ actual photoshoot+ Time traveling home+ roughly an hour to download and select the best photographs+ about two hours to edit photographs + an hour to email and or print and deliver photographs

So your one-hour session probably took the photographer the entire day to finish.

That session fee now gets divided into that 8 hour day.

When you hire a professional photographer you only see a tiny portion of what work actually went into producing the final results.

  1. Your experience is directly proportional to the quality

Meaning the more experience you gain will make your photographs technically better and overall improve your skills. #experienceequalsquality

When you hire a professional photographer, you are hiring a creative artist, who spent a lot of time and money perfecting their craft. They know exactly how to light the subject as well as help you with the posing. Photographs that are taken with a professional camera from the artist that you hired, enables you to print these photographs large on any canvas because it wasn’t taken on a smartphone.

When you are hiring a professional photographer, you will be receiving memories, almost as beautiful as the day, but just as beautiful as you remembered.  Everyone started as a beginner, but be sure you check out the photographers work before you end up regretting saving money and hiring a beginner.

  1. The memory

Photographs are taken to remember import moments, events and family/friends. Kids grow up quickly and events go by so quickly that the only thing remains are the photographs. The cake will be eaten, the food will be forgotten, the flowers will die, the dress will remain in the cupboard, but the photographs will be a reminder of everything. So that the memory lasts way longer than of your actual memory.


‘Making your memories my Priority’

-Laikin Photography

When you hire a professional for any session you will get photographs that make you look and feel confident about yourself.

Photography is expensive but so is hiring an amateur.

So the next time you ask a photographer for prices, consider all the things I mentioned above before you make a decision merely based on the price.


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