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Deji and Ofonime | Engagement shoot |Bo Kaap

I met up with this couple at green market square, did a few shots, then they decided the rather want that colourful houses that everyone seen on the internet.

Ofonime and Deji were here from Nigeria attending a wedding expo for the weekend and wanted to capture their engagement while they were in the city.

Being a kid from the mother city often means that we take these places for granted, so when I do get the chance I am always in keen to go to see the so-called tourist attactions, such as Bo-Kaap, or to the BK as it is known to the locals. We don’t realize how lucky we are living in the city with all these beautiful places, a short drive away. Bo-Kaap is well known worldwide for the colourful houses built on the slopes of signal hill. So when people from other cities in Africa visit us, and travel around our country only then do we begin to appreciate and realize just how special it is to have access to these areas.

So here are is the engagement shoot photographs of this lovely couple. They were so much fun to be around. They are filled with love an adoration for one another

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