kykNET&kie’s new show

I met Leandra on the day we had photographed in studio, she wanted some new headshots as she recently relocated. It was the easiest conversations and we were talking as if we’ve been friends forever. She moved to Cape Town from Johannesburg for Arendsvlei, new soapie on Kyknet. I really had a great time in studio with her.

Arendslvlei is kykNET&kie’s first original telenovela. The story is about a school called Arendsvlei and deals with school, family and social politics.
She plays a character called Melanie who is a student at the school. There is a lot of drama around her character, relating to status and friendship. She is a good-girl-goes-bad kinda character. The show will be aired on Monday the 1st October at 20:00pm Monday-Wednesday.

I don’t know about you but I am so excited cannot wait to watch it be sure to check it out.

But first scroll down to her her stunning photographs


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