Ayden’s Matric ball | Cascade Manor |Paarl

Cascade Manor is a hidden majestic venue that also has a waterfall, its off Sontraal road in Paarl. Very Hidden, because it’s a few kilometers down a dusty road. I thought I missed it or took the wrong turn because there didn’t seem like much in sight, but it’s almost at the end.

I got to the venue early so I could explore, and I was happy that I did, as I found the waterfall. It’s hidden but the easiest walk to an amazing sight.

Ayden said he had no idea that he had a shoot booked until the day of the shoot. His mom booked me for this special event. They opted for photographs of him on his own, and he met up with his family and partner later. He was chilled but really agreeable and wanted the day to proceed quickly so was keen on anything I asked him to do, I think he enjoys it after all.

Scroll down to see the shoot

xxx Laikin


  • Cindy Lategan

    Love! Love! Love it! Stunning pics from an awesome shoot. Was amazed at the response you got from Ayden as the shoot is totally not his scene…lol, but you used your magic!! Well done! From one of the doting aunts.

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