Ava-Rose in Studio

This is little Ava-Rose who is two but as far as she’s concerned shes three years old. This pretty girl wasn’t camera shy but she wasn’t interested in the camera either. Her mom Ilke, contacted me to get portraits of her daughter done as she just won’t her first crown and sash at a photo competition, Miss Aquamarine. Her mom says she loves the camera and is always stealing her grannies smart phone to take photographs. Ilke did modeling when she was a kid, from the age of 5, and she has heard from her mom that she also loved those plastic heels much like her little daughter Ava-Rose right now, who loves everything from bags to lipstick and perfume. Ava was a lot of fun in the studio, she loved my dog Olive, who was our guinea pig, to get some smiles out of her. She didn’t like the fan much and kept telling me its too windy, very smart little kid. Looks like she slayed her hair blowing in the wind anyway.

Take a look at what we got up to

It was a blast, isn’t is just the cutest?


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