Mikhail| Matric Ball|Majik forest

This was the first Matric Ball of the year. So this was exciting for me to start this year with such a fun gentleman. Mikhail was quite (a bit shy I’d say) but very keen to do any of my posing suggestions. He had such a stunning colour suit, well fitted that they had custom made for his ball. I loved the double-breasted waistcoat, which popped off his suit colour. We photographed some close family members at home, then his parents, sister, her boyfriend and cousin.

I spent most of the time photographing Mikhail on his own, as he opted for a solo mission to his special day (which I thought, was totally badass). He was his the coolest guy ever, very dapper, and was head boy and sportsman, at his school Fairbairn College. I had a great time meeting him, photographing him and his family.

Take a look at his stunning session at Majik Forest in Durbanville


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