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Ben & Alinda|Proposal& engagement shoot

Ben contacted me via email as he was planning a trip to SA with his Girlfriend. Little did she know he was actually planning the most beautiful sunset proposal on Signal Hill.

I arrive early as hell, and Ben let me know when he left his place(He had no active cellphone plan) so we had no idea if there would be any delays for either of us.

I had scouted the location, earlier the week and sent all previews, even sent him a map where he should stand, for us to meet up exactly at the spot and time.

I captured the proposal, then basically jumped out the bushes and introduced myself. We then made our way around Signal Hill and captured the essence of these two love birds. She was so excited and couldn’t quite believe what had just happened. He couldn’t stop smiling, we had a great time walking about and it was such a stunning sunset.

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