Keanon’s 21st Birthday Party

I photographed Keanons 21st birthday celebration in Paternoster with close family & friends. It was held at a Paternoster Lodge.

We did a mini celebration portrait session on the beach, with the cutest pastel green vintage Range Rover, and a beautiful bottle of champagne.

The weather was amazing and he was dressed to kill. I’ve photographed Keanon before so this time he was excited to get his portraits taken. It was much fun, as we chilled and enjoyed the beach at sunset. The sunset was the perfect ending to our photoshoot, and also the greatest start to the evening’s events.

This venue is set overlooking the ocean. The decor and mood set in the space was stunning we had such a lovely time. Take a look at all the fun we had. I absolutely loved this venue and this family is so dear to me, Clients who are now friends.



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