Keashia | Matric ball

This was my first Matric ball for the beginning of the graduation season. It was an overcast day, humid but an amazing day. This is my favourite weather to photograph in, it’s perfect even, flattering light for beautiful portraits.

Keashia was about to jump in her stunning dress by Scarlett fashion , so I quickly photographed her dress on its own and accessories. Her make up as so flawless by Lindy lin and nails by Skinny nails Her partner Hedley arrived shortly after she was dressed, and the two of them and I went off to photograph them on location. At a sweet farm feel location called Penhill.

They were very comfortable together and it was easy to pose and very willing to do posing as needed, although they didn’t really need my assistance, I think they really loved having their photographs taken, so they just had fun. They were naturals, the camera didn’t scare them at all. By the time we finished the wind was blowing like crazy, but we used it to our advantage, luckily was were almost finished anyway and had to head back home to get photographs taken with the family.

Keep scrolling to see this pretty young lady in action.


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