Forest engagement with Charl & Miché

Funny story. So I met Miché before and hung out with her at a friend’s place for a few hours, But when I met her at the date and time we set up for the shoot. I reintroduced myself. How embarrassing! An actual foot in mouth situation. (I think we wore masks and glasses, so please forgive me). Miché was really sweet about it but I honestly made a human error.

Miché & Charl are really cute together, the way they look at one another really is a love match made in heaven. We had so much fun on this shoot, it was endless magic with these love birds. Miché is so stunning, I had a great time capturing her beauty. Charl was shy for his solo portraits, but once I said stare at Miché, it was all smiles for him.

These are my favorite of the shoot.


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