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Anastacia in the big city

Anastacia contacted me to photograph her in Cape Town CBD. She wanted a photoshoot done by herself, with a power-suit and all confidence for her headshots, as she is a bad-ass lawyer, and another look to capture her personality with a dash of fun. She did however think she’s awkward and uncomfortable but I think we all are at the beginning. It’s not easy being in front of my lens, especially in public. We couldn’t stop talking so that helped her relax and just have fun.

I knew Anastacia from high school, the sweetest kindest person you’ll ever meet. We haven’t seen one another since then, so it was really nice to catch up after all this time. We had so much fun exploring the empty CBD, I must say that its the best to have an empty city to yourself. Thanks, COVID.

I had a hard time selecting these, but have a look at the adventure we were on in the quiet city of Cape Town.

Make up done by: Make up artistry by margaritha


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