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    Keanon’s 21st Birthday Party

    I photographed Keanons 21st birthday celebration in Paternoster with close family & friends. It was held at a Paternoster Lodge. We did a mini celebration portrait session on the beach, with the cutest pastel green vintage Range Rover, and a beautiful bottle of champagne. The weather was amazing and he was dressed to kill. I’ve photographed Keanon before so this time he was excited to get his portraits taken. It was much fun, as we chilled and enjoyed the beach at sunset. The sunset was the perfect ending to our photoshoot, and also the greatest start to the evening’s events. This venue is set overlooking the ocean. The decor and…

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    Felicity| 70th Birthday

    Birthday has a special place in my heart, as it’s my favourite day in life to celebrate. I have previously worked with the Adams Family, so getting to work with this family again was amazing. It was a beautiful summers evening to celebrate their moms birthday. They are a close-knit family so it was just the immediate family and a few Felicity’s friends. All of whom had such wonderful things to say about having this special lady in their lives. It was such a stunning tea party even the thank you gifts were tea. Here are some of my favourites from the event. xxxLaikin Laikin

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    Mikhail| Matric Ball|Majik forest

    This was the first Matric Ball of the year. So this was exciting for me to start this year with such a fun gentleman. Mikhail was quite (a bit shy I’d say) but very keen to do any of my posing suggestions. He had such a stunning colour suit, well fitted that they had custom made for his ball. I loved the double-breasted waistcoat, which popped off his suit colour. We photographed some close family members at home, then his parents, sister, her boyfriend and cousin. I spent most of the time photographing Mikhail on his own, as he opted for a solo mission to his special day (which I…

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    Michelle’s 50th Birthday|Stellenbosch

    I met Michelle on the night of her party. She was so happy and excited that her party was about to begin. All her family and friends were dressed up lavishly to celebrate with her. I was so excited to photograph everyone all dressed up, it is certainly a hit for the photographer if all your guest joins the fun. The decor was exquisite, I loved the play on colours and all the stunning ornaments and pretty coloured glass. The party was set up in her garden and can you believe she did it all by herself? She looked so stunning and the guest had as much fun as she…

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    Taryn’s Matric ball

    Taryn’s mom contacted me way in advance to photograph her daughter’s matric ball. I was pretty excited because her mom was stoked about the event. Taryn got her closest family and friends do her make up to help her get ready. She had a really stunning flashy dress so decided to go natural but elegant. Once she was ready to get out for the great reveal, literally the masses was ready to take a photograph of her and get a photograph with her. I loved the hussle and excitment for such a special day at the very end , to celebrate your high school career. They went all out with…

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    Shaquil Matric ball| Stellenbosch

    I’ve known Shaquil and his family for a few years, so I was excited to get to capture his matric farewell. He looked really stunning in a very current trend colour suit. I loved the colour scheme. I photograph in Stellenbosch often so was looking for different locations to my usual spots. We drove up towards Jonkershoek and found the greatest light and location. We spent the afternoon laughing and having a great time capturing his special occasion. His the last kid to graduate from high school and was head boy so that was pretty huge for his family. I loved photographing these rich colours, and get pretty excited when…

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    Farmer Baby shower

    I photographed Anastasia ‘s baby shower at a wine farm in Stellenbosch. They surprise her with lunch date she thought it was just lunch with one friend but, it was a surprise with a few of her closest friends. Her husband fellow photographer friend asked me to cover the event. It was held at Webersburg Wine Estate in Stellenbosch.  The views were stunning and the weather was amazing, we had such a great time at the farm. She looked beautiful in her pink dress. Anastasia was glowing and ready for her baby girls arrival. Take a look at what we got up to. xxxLaikin

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    Cameron and Michalin | Majik forest |Matric ball

      I went to Cameron first and photographed him while he was getting dressed, we then left and went to Majik forest. A stunning location not far from where Cameron and Michalin got dressed. They  attended the school together but had two separate venues for the family so we decided to get some photographs of them on there own at the forest. We just walked around so we could get loads of different looks and locations out of the venue and that came with a lot of fun. They were so easy to work with, and they looked so stunning. Scroll down to see what we got up to xxxLaikin

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    Frank in Franschhoek

    I photographed Frank in Franschhoek for his 70th Birthday celebrations. I have previously worked with the Papier family at an event, so I was excited as I’d previously loved working with their family. It was held in a hall and Sharne, Franks (daughter in law) did the catering and décor. The food was amazing the décor was sweet and simple, but really elegant. I loved the flowers, purple tulips are one of my favorite flowers. The party started early and all the elderly people were all on time. Franks part of a band, he plays the accordion so speeches where on the way and even his grandson was playing the drums and his like…

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    Instawalknorth | Photography meet up

      I recently started INSTAWALKNORTH with my boyfriend InstaWalk_North was created to inspire& meet new people who are interested & passionate about photography who meet up in Cape Town and join in on Photo walks organized by Laikin Adams ( Laikin Photography) & Abdul Khalfe I’ve had this project in mind for a while so we had our first one was held on the 28th April. An instawalk is basically a meet up of creative people, who are photographers, amateurs who love taking photographs, who all have a shared passion for photography, then sharing these photographs on facebook, twitter but mostly on Instagram. Also known as an INSTAMEET where these creatives…