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    Insta CBD | Marti

    I have been doing a mini session that is live on the experience section under Airbnb. If you are in the Cape Town CBD area and would like to get a mini portrait session done then this experience is for you. We meet at the Artscape Theatre and I take you are around Cape Town CBD area, its a fun experience while I capture some memories of you. If this is something you’d be interested in you can contact me on Laikin.adams@laikinphotography.co.za or +27736700222 or follow this link Insta CBD Memories to read all about the experience. The experiences is an hour-long, as we walk around talk, and explore. You…

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    Tatum & Kirk| Maternity

    This time of year is filled with great tones and mood. This session wasn’t any different. Here I will be sharing some simply beautiful photographs of my brother and Tatum (sister in law) and her precious baby bump. Kady their daughter was born last week so guess it is time to share this stunning portrait session. Makeup was done by Marietjie from Makeup artistry by Margaritha Keep scrolling to see these beauties xxxLaikin

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    Edith Silo Hotel

    Edith contacted me in her last week touring South Africa. She wanted to capture herself enjoying a little bit of Cape Town to remember her trip in photographs and not just by memory. She’d been all over South Africa and wanted to end it off on a fun note by renting a sports car that they rented from wiggle car hire. Her Friend Justin joined the session and the three of us walked around capturing memories they’ll now remember forever. xxxLaikin

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    Anastasia & Alric | Maternity shoot

    I photographed this maternity shoot close to the very end of Anastasia’s pregnancy. They had planned to do it earlier but it was a bit of a crazy festive season so they decided to have the session done, just before Christmas. I loved photographing these two and Lagoon beach has become one of my favourite places to visit. The weather was warm and the sunset was extremely beautiful. We took a moment to take it all in. They are beautiful together, the love, the fun, and the smiles say it all Take a look at what we got up to, even ended off the amazing session with some bombs xxxLaikin…

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    Erins Matric Ball

    Erin contacted me to find out if I’m still available to photograph her matric ball and quickly booked to secure the photography for her Matric dance.  Then her mom then emailed me, and we didn’t realize that we lived one street away from one another, literally, and I’ve never seen them before. Erin was so nervous when I arrived, so  I started photographing her accessories while shes finished up, and that probably helped calm her nerves. She was tall and so stunning and her dress and make-up were so elegant, it was put together so well.  Her beauty was really striking and exquisite. Here are some of my favourites from her special night.…

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    Zinnia in Studio

    Zinnia is a little girl, who attends a modeling school(TAM models) who’s mom contacted me to get some beautiful portraits of her daughter. She was so polite and very shy but also so talkative once she settled in the studio. I think she was nervous, but once we started talking then her confidence from her pageantry kicked in. Shes only 8 years old but has the world of confidence and speaks so well, she’s been doing runway pageants for two years and her mom says she’s so busy with many other activities, such as drama and ballet.   TAM models focusses on Modelling and Pageantry training which includes but is not limited to: interview skills, ramp skills,…

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    Ayden’s Matric ball | Cascade Manor |Paarl

    Cascade Manor is a hidden majestic venue that also has a waterfall, its off Sontraal road in Paarl. Very Hidden, because it’s a few kilometers down a dusty road. I thought I missed it or took the wrong turn because there didn’t seem like much in sight, but it’s almost at the end. I got to the venue early so I could explore, and I was happy that I did, as I found the waterfall. It’s hidden but the easiest walk to an amazing sight. Ayden said he had no idea that he had a shoot booked until the day of the shoot. His mom booked me for this special…

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    kykNET&kie’s new show

    I met Leandra on the day we had photographed in studio, she wanted some new headshots as she recently relocated. It was the easiest conversations and we were talking as if we’ve been friends forever. She moved to Cape Town from Johannesburg for Arendsvlei, new soapie on Kyknet. I really had a great time in studio with her. Arendslvlei is kykNET&kie’s first original telenovela. The story is about a school called Arendsvlei and deals with school, family and social politics. She plays a character called Melanie who is a student at the school. There is a lot of drama around her character, relating to status and friendship. She is a…

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    RAW contributor : Astrid Februarie

    Astrid Februarie is a full-time journalist at Media24. And now also a Laikin Photography contributor. Below Astrid reflects on life, struggles and one hell of a photo shoot that we did. Scroll down to read and see more…   You have a lot of hair, you have small ears, a flat nose and why don’t you use eyeliner on your bottom lids to make your eyes appear smaller. You also have very thick lips and your hands wow you have man hands… These are words I heard almost daily as I was growing up and each and everyone someone said it, it hurt. Most of the time I didn’t know how to…