Covid-19 Risk Assessment

If all the criteria for these checkboxes are not met and adhered to then shoots will not be scheduled
The incubation period for COVID-19 is 14-21 days and as such if you have been in contact with the virus within these stipulated times you might be a carrier and need to first self-quarantine or self isolate for at least 14 days.
A thermometer is necessary to read your temperature. The following thermometer readings generally indicate a fever Forehead Temperature 38 °C or higher Ear Temperature 38 °C or higher Oral Temperature 37.8 °C or higher Armpit Temperature 37.2 °C or higher
If you do not have a thermometer we will scan your temperature at the Laikin Photography studio door.If your temperature is higher than 38 degrees Celcius at the door you will unfortunately not be allowed to enter the studio and will have to reschedule until you are fir to pass the temperature check. Please specify NA if you do not have a thermometer at home.