I am enough-Mobile preset pack (5 Presets + Installation guide)




I am enough-Mobile preset pack (5 Presets + Installation guide)

This preset pack is for those who love the images and want to keep the natural, true feel and colour of images as is but want to enhance the images to its true potential. These images will pop just a little bit and make your photographs look and feel like it was done by a professional.

This is how it works


purchase the ‘I am enough’ Preset pack


After buying the presets, you will receive a confirmation email that will have 5DNG image files attached.


Install your new Lightroom presets using the step by step installation guide and apply them to your own images!

A little description of each preset.

LP-Light 01

This works best on a dark, underexposed image. It lifts the shadows and adds contrast to make the image lighter.

LP-Bright 02

This works best on colourful images; it lifts the colours making them brighter and lightening the entire image as well.

LP-Mist 03

This works well on images with very neutral colours, greys, whites, tans. This preset desaturates the image subtly, while keeping the yellows, and browns prominent in the overall look and feel.

LP-Morning 04

This preset is a vibrant edit, works well on bright, light images. It increases the brightness and contrast of the colours, making it pop just a little.

LP – Cloud nine-05

This edit is great for landscapes, as well as sunset and sunrise pictures. The blues and oranges tones within the image add mood and animate the colours, the blue undertone is most prominent in their images

*All presets will need to be adjusted according to the light, and the desired look you want to create. These Presets you install directly on your phone so they only work for Adobe Lightroom Mobile.


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