Make me famous-Mobile preset pack (5 presets + installation guide)




Make me famous-Mobile preset pack (5 presets + installation guide)

This preset pack is for those who want to create mood and make their images look and feel more creative. This works best for images that are colourful.

This is how it works


purchase the ‘Make me famous’ Preset pack


After buying the presets, you will receive a confirmation email that will have 5DNG image files attached.


Install your new Lightroom presets using the step by step installation guide and apply them to your own images!

A little description about each preset:

Laikin Photography ‘’Make me Famous’’ preset pack

LP -Home 01

This preset keeps the overall look and feel of the image.  It brightens and lifts the mood of the image, keeping colours and tones, fairly close to the original image.

LP -Desert 02

This preset desaturates all colours, except the browns and oranges, this is a more vintage look and feel to your photographs.

LP -Island 03

This preset is a cinema-style edit, giving your image a movie moody edgy look.

LP – Road trip 04

This preset takes the full image from bright to subtle. All colours will be toned down and give you a general natural look.  Over-all the blue and oranges remain prominent

LP – Vacation 05

This preset tones down the colours a little bit. Muting the colours make your images desaturated and are pastel subtle overall look and feel but subtly keeping the bright colours visible.

*All presets will need to be adjusted according to the light, and the desired look you want to create. These Presets you install directly on your phone so they only work for Adobe Lightroom Mobile.


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